Ingrid Zweifel of The Way We See the World: Creating Happiness Through Design

Ingrid Zweifel is cofounder of The Way We See the World, a product and concept design studio based in New York City that aims to create happiness through design. Ingrid’s past experience as a professional ballerina gave way to her passion for creativity and nature. It was through studying and undergoing the rigorous training of ballet that she came to understand the awareness of one’s own body in space and time and eventually discovered the joy of her dogged curiosity.

It’s through the constant exploration of these words and ideas that Ingrid has concluded the experience and the connective relationships we decide to foster are what makes us happy. But we sometimes fail to understand this in large part because of the louder more materialistic forces saying: The THING will bring you happiness. We just have to shift our focus! (Credit:

Ingrid will be at TEDxDrexel, this Wednesday, May 16th (that’s 3 days from now!!!) to speak of the journey that comes from sharing our ideas with the world…and how we may actually discover parts of ourselves along the way. (Wait, actually, I’m not too sure about the latter part of that statement (haha). I input that part in myself…but anyway, come see for yourselves!)

Side Note: Remember, if you can’t make it to the TEDxDrexel conference in person at Bossone, there will be a live stream of the event on Wednesday, May 16th on


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