What Was That About Onions?


Brian Robertson is an experienced entrepreneur, CEO, and organizational pioneer best known for his work developing Holacracy, an organizational operating system that concretely embodies the agile, transparent capacities called for in today’s turbulent times. First incubated at an award-winning fast-growth software company Brian launched at age 23 and led for seven years, Holacracy continues to develop and spread under the stewardship of HolacracyOne, which Brian co-founded to help other change agents bring this purpose-driven evolutionary operating system to organizations across the globe.  [Credit: Entheos.com]


Patrick Mcdonald is a Master Plumber and ran a mechanical contracting company with his father Jack for 25 years until Tim presented him the with less stable, more risky and generally unprofitable idea of creating a development/design/build company called Onion Flats in 1997. Since then Patrick has steered the organization and mission towards fundamentally “sustainable” modes of thinking, building, and dwelling. Pat is a licensed solar panel installer and the manager of all construction sites and projects. [Credit: Onionflats.com, Greenbuildinged.com]

-Marina Lamanna

Robertson and Mcdonald are innovators in their respective fields. For the future entrepreneurs of Drexel University, what questions do you have about starting your own business?

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