Bottoms Up, TEDxDrexelU!

What 21+ college student doesn’t enjoy a good brew? Sebbie Buhler has spent the past two decades in the craft beer industry and being a culinary adventurist.


Beer is one of the building blocks of civilization that spans across many continents and cultures. Created from grains that were cultivated and steeped, the first evidence of beer dates to the Neolithic (7000 BC).  Join her as she fast forwards 9000 years and explores the art of brewing and the state of the beer industry in the 20th and 21st century.  Theobrama cacao (aka chocolate) also plays a significant role in civilization. Discovered in the New World when Montezuma introduced Cortes to xocolatl almost 500 years ago, today chocolate is consumed around the world, and is also an ingredient and flavor used in craft brewing. The fusion of the two will be Buhler’s lecture at TEDxDrexelU. [Credit:]


Bill Moggridge: is the director of the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, the only museum in the United States devoted exclusively to historic and contemporary design. Bill designed the first laptop computer, the Grid Compass, launched in 1982. He describes his career as having three phases, first as a designer with projects for clients in ten countries, second as a co-founder of IDEO where he developed design methods for interdisciplinary design teams, and third as a spokesperson for the value of design in everyday life. He was named one of the 10 Best Innovation and Design Books of 2006 by Businessweek magazine.[Credit:,]

-Marina Lamanna

Buhler and Moggridge epitomize innovation which is the core of TED conferences. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets or you’ll miss out on what promises to be a most inspiring day!


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