Meet Tyler Hartung, Entrepreneur

“I am not an entrepreneur. But I do take pride in working diligently on what differentiates a person with an idea from a world-class entrepreneur: Execution. It is execution that transforms good ideas into viable businesses. So when I look at the burgeoning leaders that we work with, I don’t see a crowd of entrepreneurs but instead the group of people who are building a better future for us through business.” – Tyler

Tyler is VP of Finance and Operations and the co-founder of Unreasonable Institute, an organization that aims to accelerate entrepreneurship. Each year Unreasonable Institute gathers 25 social or environmental entrepreneurs and gives them the opportunity to expand their business by offering guidance from some of the world’s most qualified mentors who have proven to be successful in their own businesses.

The Basics of Unreasonable Institute

Tyler will answer the question as to why not quit your job and become a server? What does that even mean? Honestly I don’t even know so come find out. Especially all you aspiring entrepreneurs out there!

-Tiff Tse

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